April 25, 2012

Dani Attempts Nail Art And Isn't Half Bad At It!

That said, this is probably one of the simplest designs one can do on oneself and seeing as it's not meant to be neat in the slightest, it's pretty much fool-proof! Or Dani-proof, whichever you prefer.

For this Blue Ombré design, I used three Revlon nail polishes: 310 Timeless (a pale, grey-blue), 480 Chic (a slate-blue), and 471 Fashionista (a deep, peacock-blue); all of which I purchased last night. I'm not normally one to buy multiple nail polishes at once, but caman! Look how gorgeous these three are!

When I got home, I immediately sent Winnie a photo so she can squee over the loveliness with me. Good times were had by all, yo!

*I don't know where I'm going with this. All I know is that I'm dead tired.

**Don't ask me why I decided to blog instead of sleep.

I'm sure you all know the mechanics of an ombré nail design. But for the few of you who quite possibly don't know how this works, here's a quick recap:

Step 1: I applied Timeless from the base of my nails to around the centre area.

Step 2: Using a cosmetic sponge, I applied Chic on top of Timeless with a patting motion, making sure to leave a good amount of Timeless still showing.

Step 3: With a clean area of the same sponge, I dotted Fashionista along the top third of my nail. Then, I applied the same shade with the nail polish brush along the tips for a more opaque layer.

Step 4: Wait a few minutes, then apply top coat (I used Seche Vite).

Et voilà! Ombré nails!

I'm actually quite proud of myself! I didn't even have to re-do any of the nails, which is an absolute first for me. So you should all be proud of me, too :p.

I'm just kidding! You all probably think I'm ridiculous, and you're right, I totally am! :D

What's your favourite fool-proof nail art design?

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