April 9, 2012

MAC's Extra Dimension Skinfinishes Have Done The Near Impossible...

...They made me not only want to purchase multiple highlighting products, but I've gone ahead and actually bought them!

Because honestly, I have Soft & Gentle and I was pretty sure that was I really needed. Highlighting isn't really a necessary step for me, so I didn't really feel the need to have a bunch of them. But these new Skinfinishes from MAC's In Extra Dimension Collection were literally "love at first swatch,"and I just had to have them.

I initially only purchased Whisper of Gilt, but the more I saw swatches of Superb online, the more I wanted it. And what the heck, it was my birthday this past weekend, so I figured I deserved the treat :p.

*Warning: Dani's about to get all choir-nerd here.

The first time I saw the name of this shade, I thought of this song by Amici Forever. I've always loved Whisper of Angels; the lyrics are beautiful and the voices give me chills. But what does this have to do with Whisper of Gilt aside from the words "whisper" and "of"? Well, when I think of this shade (a "light soft white with shimmery sheen"), I imagine light reflecting off of gold artifacts in Mount Olympus. And that's not just coz I watched Wrath of the Titans recently... Ok fine, maybe it is.

Meanwhile, Superb (a "soft peachy nude with multi-dimensional shimmer") doesn't quite inspire such dramatic useless ramblings, but it's no less gorgeous! Like I mentioned above, I wasn't originally going to purchase this shade, but it was just too beautiful to pass up. I stared at the swatch from every angle (in store, in natural light, etc.) and it looked stunning every time.

Whisper of Gilt - close up

Whisper of Gilt - swatch

Superb - close up

Superb - swatch

These Highlighters are so buttery smooth, it's ridiculous! Unlike Soft & Gentle, which can look kind of grainy on my skin, these babies just blend so effortlessly onto my skin! At first, I didn't know how to go about using it, because of the texture and formula (MAC describes it as "liquid-powder," "creamy," and "near-liquid"). So when I picked up Superb, I asked an SA what kind of brush she recommends using for this particular product, and she suggested one with dense, firm bristles. I find my Royal & Langnickel Baby Dome Brush works absolutely perfectly for this.

What's even more impressive is its staying power. I wore Whisper of Gilt on the tops of my cheekbones for all of Sunday and it withstood more than 10 hours of wear. Granted, it had faded a tad by the end of the day, but I could still clearly see the highlighted area when I inspected my skin prior to wiping off all my makeup and washing my face. Pretty flipping amazing, if you ask me!

Despite my lack of affinity for highlighting products, I can honestly say the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes are worth every bit of its $34 CAD price tag. The formula is amazing (seriously guys, they are so smooth) and the staying power is impressive; I am officially a highlighting convert!

What's your favourite highlighting product?

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