April 6, 2012

New In My Kit...

For those of you who don't know, I am currently taking Makeup Artistry classes in a local community college. I finished Makeup Artistry Fundamentals two weeks ago and am currently awaiting the start of my next class (Evening & Bridal) later on this month.

Because Makeup Artistry Fundamentals was the foundation of all other makeup classes, what we learned was fairly basic stuff. Probably one of the most important things that's happened is I've come to really appreciate the value of a good neutral eyeshadow.

If you've seen my eye looks, you know I like to get colourful and creative. But that's not going to fly if I'm going to do freelance work, will it? Most women will want to stick to neutral shades, and I need to be able to have some go-to shades that I know will do the trick. So, I headed to MAC to pick up some neutral eyeshadows to add to my kit. Though, unsurprisingly, I couldn't resist a good purple :p. Ehh, I figure I can throw it in there anyway.

Here are the shades that I chose...

Retrospeck ("beached blonde")

All That Glitters ("beige with gold pearl")

Swatches of Retrospeck & All That Glitters

Satin Taupe ("taupe with silver shimmer")

Nocturnelle ("pinked-up chrome purple")

Twinks ("deep plum with pearl")

Swatches of Satin Taupe, Nocturnelle & Twinks

I've always loved MAC eyeshadows, though I've found not every single shade performs as well as others.  All That Glitters is particularly soft and buttery, which I love, because it ends up looking fairly pigmented right away. Meanwhile, Nocturnelle, Satin Taupe, and Twinks doesn't feel quite as buttery as All That Glitters and requires a few more swipes to get a good swatch, but they are still very soft and quite pigmented. Retrospeck doesn't apply as smoothly as the other four; it can go a bit patchy at times, but seeing as it's a light shade, it's not that obvious. It doesn't take much to even it out, either. 

I think these eyeshadows will make a fantastic addition to my kit and I can't wait to use them on a look for the blog. Also, would any of you guys be interested in a review and swatches of the Make Up For Ever eyeshadows that came with my kit for school? I keep meaning to write one, but we all know what a fail March was, blogging-wise. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would be interested in seeing on call it beauty.!

What are your favourite neutral eyeshadows?

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  1. All that glitters is my go-to lid shade for everyday! I also have and love satin taupe!



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