March 30, 2011

NOTD: Revlon - Tangerine

Yup, I'm on a Revlon nail polish kick lately. I was wearing Hazy a few days ago, I've been wearing Tangerine for a few days now (I posted Hazy a few days after I started wearing it). 

Might I add that I'm changing the colour again later tonight for a performance tomorrow? I'll be posting that too. I've never changed nail colours this much in one week before, which is why I've started applying a base coat. Yes, you read that right, I've just started using a base coat. For shame!

Anyway, back to Tangerine. I used to really dislike orange until recently. I was so excited to put this one on because it's making me feel more prepared for the warmer weather. And as The Beatles say, "here comes the sun and it's all right." :)

Would you wear orange nail polish?

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