March 27, 2011

Call It Beauty's Question Sunday

This post in inspired by Charlotte's (a.k.a. Lipglossiping) Lipstick League Question of the Week.

Question: If you could wear one lip product for the rest of all time, 
what would it be?

Funnily enough, this question isn't hard for me to answer at all. There's only one product in my bag that I've been using for years now and it's:

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix

This product is of "holy grail" status for me... Or at least as close to holy grail as a product can get. I've been repurchasing it for many years now I've still yet to find a product that works better.

It moisturizes my lips perfectly and gives enough colour to make my lips look a little more polished. No matter what other lip product I apply during the day/night, I almost always resort to this eventually because I end up getting too lazy to upkeep the more, uh, laborious shades :p.

Leave your answers in the comments, lovelies :)

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