June 4, 2012

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in En Vogue - The Lipstick I Bought Twice

When I stopped by a Chanel counter a few weeks ago, it was for the express purpose of getting a sample of their new Perfection Lumière foundation. While I was there, I asked if they had the Summer 2012 products available for purchase yet, and the sales associate proceeded to show me the nail polishes, the Glossimers, and the Rouge Coco Shines. I'd had my eye on En Vogue (described as a "bright coral") already, so I made my purchase.

Then I went home and checked for swatches online (the counter hadn't received their samples yet) and was disappointed. With my pigmented lips, that was not going to do anything but add some shine. So I made my way back and returned En Vogue.

(apologies for the grossness - I had to retake the photo after I'd already tried it)

Fast forward to the end of May, and it's once again in my possession. Why? Well... Last week, when I was having a really crap day, I decided to participate in some retail therapy and ended up at the Chanel counter once again. This time, there was a tester. I swatched it and was pleased with what I saw, so I made the purchase (again); and this time, I definitely won't be returning it. 

See, I was mistaken - it's actually pigmented enough for my lips! Provided, that is, that I give it a few good swipes. Because of the formula and the sheen of the Rouge Coco Shines, you have to apply a little bit more than you would a regular lipstick in order to see the colour. 

And what a lovely colour it is! 

It's a soft coral (not really bright, as described), which looks very natural and not at all bright. It's the type of shade you can wear without really having to think about what to wear with it. The texture is nice and light, as well; it doesn't feel like anything more than a lip balm! They're not long-wearing, though, and they practically disappear after a meal. But that doesn't bother me because the texture makes re-application simple and easy. Also, unless a lip product disappears before the 3 hour mark (when I usually have a snack or a meal), it won't bother me in the slightest. 

This Rouge Coco Shine is exactly the kind or product I would wear every day: non-drying and feels comfortable, but still makes your lips look pretty and polished. 

I'm so glad to have En Vogue back in my life!

What's your favourite everyday lip product?

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