February 10, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect (And A Spending Ban?)...

Greetings, lovelies! You know what Friday means -> WEEKEND! What's everybody's plans? Mine is to relax and do some much-needed writing. I know, I'm wild!

Anyway, if you read Wednesday's post, you'll know that I've been in desperate need of makeup application practice. Sure, I'm pretty good at applying my own, but that's because I know my face quite well (and so I should). But I want to be able to make everyone's face look as good as I want it to, so that means I need to get more practice working on faces other than my own.

So first up is my lovely and talented friend Missy! I've known this girl since we were kids- well... I believe I was 16 and she was 15. Anyway, she's the one who designed my banner and she's also a crazy-talented dancer/choreographer/designer/singer, etc!

I'm quite happy with this look, actually! I was originally thinking of doing something very natural and "bridal" with her, but I soon changed my mind when I looked at my palette. And I'll be the first to admit, I'm not very interested in creating natural looks. I like dramatic, I like colours, I like bold! So of course, I went with that :p. Hope you guys like this look! I know I do :).

Anyway, since my goal is to improve, I thought I'd list out all the things I could've done better:

  • Colour matching - I've said it before, I'll say it again. I don't have a very good eye for colour matching. I don't have a lot of foundations in my kit so mixing is definitely something I need to do. I tested MUFE HD Foundation in 120 on Missy's jaw and blended it down to her neck and it looked like a very close match, so I decided to just use the one shade. However, as I got closer to finishing the look, it looked too pale. I warmed her up a bit with some bronzer, but I really would've preferred an exact colour match. Has this happened to anyone else? Where you test a foundation shade and it looks exact but the colour seems to change once you've put it on?
  • Eyeshadow placement - I need to remember that not everybody has a lot of lid space like me. When I first applied eyeshadow on Missy, I took it too far up, which left me very little room to blend. So I had to clean off some product off the top and blend it some more. Her right eye ended up looking much better, though.
  • Fixing messes - Missy's left eye teared up a bit after I curled her lashes*, which messed up the eyeshadow a bit. I wiped any wetness away, but the eyeshadow wouldn't stick to the lid afterwards. I tried a few times, but it just wouldn't apply properly. Finally, I cleaned it off (again) with eye makeup remover, patted it dry with a cotton pad, and then applied some HD powder on the area. The eyeshadow applied much better after that, but it still wasn't as perfect as I would like.
  • Curling lashes* - Because I suck at it! >.<
  • Concealing - I really want to be able to achieve a completely flawless face. I definitely still need work on mixing the right concealer shade.
  • Lining - I lined (someone else's) eyes for the first time today! So I definitely could use more work, but I have to say I did a pretty decent job for a first timer. My tightlining went much better than my "regular lining," though; and that, I did not expect :p.
Oh, and one last thing I've learned: I either need a) make friends with photographers or b) get better camera equipment, because I want nice photographs of my work...

*Runs to check VISA bill*

Making friends with photographers it is! 

No seriously, I know I'm not a pro, but my camera absolutely did not do her base justice. I didn't have good lighting and my camera really isn't that great. I promise, her foundation looked much more even than what you see on the photo! >.<

In other news...

I've decided to go on a SPENDING BAN! (dun-dun-duuuunnnn)

With my makeup kit + my laptop + buying various other things which shall remain nameless (until I review them >.<), I have really been spending way too much. So I decided that I shall join the ranks of TracyLarie, Liz, Monica & Makeup Morsels... And I shall be successfuuuuul!

At first I was a bit worried that I'd have nothing to write about; but I figured if I spread out my reviews over a longer period and do more makeup looks, I should be fine. I haven't yet decided if I want to finish the ban at the end of May or the end of June. I'm leaning towards June because my birthday is in April, which means I'll be giving myself a respite from the Spending Ban, but only by using gift cards/birthday money. Think I can do it? I hope so!

Wish me luck!

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