November 2, 2011

Monthly Favourites - October 2011

Mother of pearl, has the Philippines been HOT!

I say this like I'm surprised, but really... What does one expect from a country in Southeast Asia? Honestly though, I am so ready for cold weather. As I am writing this, I am a mere 4 days away from blissful coolness and as you are reading this, I am emphatically not enjoying the jetlag as I adjust back to Pacific time.

Anyhoo, these month's favourites are the ones that have really impressed me with how helpful they've been in this heat (it is 32º C this very moment).

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette

OH-EM-GEE, enough with the Naked Palette!

But seriously, one last thing I have to say before I quit it... If you ever go on vacation and want to keep the makeup to a minimum (good luck with that :p), bring the Naked Palette. I have used it every day and on every occasion; whether it's a casual day spent with family, dinner with friends, or a concert performance - this palette has seen me through all of them. 

Although it was a shame that it didn't hold up to the heat (not even with UDPP).

2. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

Of course, a mattifying powder is important with such high heat; but what I especially loved about this product during the month of October was how it served as a great foundation, too! On days when my skin was behaving, I could get away with wearing just this. It evened out my skin tone and kept my skin looking matte.

3. Rimmel Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves & Volume Accelerator Mascara

Both these mascaras make some very big claims... One promises extreme volume and lift, while the other promises thicker lashes after 30 days of use. 

Can't say I agree with either, but you know what? Both stuck around for a full day out and in 30º heat! That alone is pretty damn impressive. I also love that it doesn't take too much effort to remove all traces of mascara. I normally have problems with L'oréal's waterproof version of the Voluminous mascara, but not so with these two!

The formula got too clumpy too soon, though. Not such a fan of that, considering I've only had both mascaras for less than a month... Still, I get good enough separation if I'm patient and like I said, both formulas stick around even in 30º/high humidity situations.

4. Prestige Cosmetics Brow Perfection Revitalizing Clear Brow Gel

I'm sure you've all seen some photos where I've somehow forgotten to groom my brows. I finally decided that this problem can no longer be ignored, so I went to London Drugs to find myself a clear brow gel. This baby is so easy to use and it definitely keeps my sometimes unruly brows in check all day. It doesn't make it my brows feel stiff at all, although it holds them in place really well. Bonus!

5. MAC Mineralize Blush in Feeling Flush

Another repeat performance by this product. Like the Naked Palette, I've blabbed about it enough. I just wanted to reiterate how amazing the staying power is. It stays put all day, although the heat does make it fade a bit at the end of the day. But if you're not dealing with high heat and humidity, this stuff will stay super vibrant all day.

6. Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen

Another repeat "offender" :p. 

Long lasting products is this month's theme, since I've been in the Philippines. You don't need any primer for this stuff, it locks on and doesn't let go all freakin' day! It doesn't migrate anywhere! 

7. EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush

Lightweight, portable; this brush is amazing to travel with! Makes touch-ups so much easier! It's eco-friendly, too.

8. Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Concealer

Love this stuff! 

It kept my dark circles at bay and kept up with the weather and long days. It's pretty creamy, which I love because it doesn't look cakey or chalky at all. 

9. Travalo Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle Spray

I randomly came across this at London Drugs and boy was it ever a life-saver during my trip! It's easy to use (simply remove the top of the spray of your perfume, place the bottom of the atomizer on top, and press down repeatedly until your atomizer is filled), super lightweight and small enough to fit in even small evening handbags. 

When the weather is super hot, your perfume fades away quicker (you pretty much sweat if off after 10 minutes of being outdoors :p), so having this handy was a great way to freshen up!

What are your October faves?

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  1. I definitely agree about the Naked Palette being a great travel companion. It's so easy to just throw in your bag and you can create day and night looks for any and every event you may be going to. I took it on my last vacation too. ;)
    I need to get a Travalo! I keep seeing them and although I do already have rollerballs of some of my perfumes I think this is a good option too.



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