August 17, 2011

These Cute & Functional Z Palettes Will Keep Your Powder Products Well Organized

I can't even remember the first time I heard of Z Palettes; it must've been a year or so ago when pretty much every beauty blogger was reviewing them. I didn't think much of it at the time because, to be honest, it didn't seem that sturdy to me. So I decided on getting MAC palettes instead. However, those soon failed me and I needed to get new palettes to fit all my package-less powder products.

Thankfully, Z Palette was being sold at IMATS Vancouver, so I decided to pick two up for myself...

The first thing I noticed was how surprisingly sturdy the palettes were. Because it looks like it's made of cardboard (Z Palettes are actually made of recyclable materials), I made the mistake of thinking they were flimsy; but that's not the case at all!

These palettes have a clear top, which obviously makes it easier to see which products you have in the palette. It snaps close firmly because of the magnets on the outer edges. The inside is also magnetic, so if you've purchased some MAC eyeshadows or blushes in the pan, they will attach nicely on the surface. If you decide to de-pot products yourselves, then you'll need to put a magnet to the back of the pan. Z Palette also sell magnetic stickers, but you can also purchase them at your local Michael's or craft stores.

I also love how you can place pans of all different sizes in one palette. Yes, I know you can remove the dividers in the MAC palette, but why do it? I'll be paying for that extra layer of plastic anyway so I might as well use it, right? I just feel like it's a bit of a waste if done that way... Of course, that's not an issue with the Z Palettes.

All in all, it's such a fantastic buy! It's an amazing way to keep products organized and they have cute patterns and colours, too. After all, there's no reason one can't be organized and stylish at the same time. Now if only they released a purple palette <3...

On a side note, I have to mention how impressed by Z Palette's customer service. When I came home from IMATS Vancouver, I noticed a tear on the corner of one of my palettes. So, I took a photo and tweeted the folks over at Z Palette (ahh, the power of social media :p) and they told me my best option was to head back to IMATS and have it exchanged. Thankfully, IMATS allowed for me to be escorted to the Naimie's booth to have it exchanged. To my surprise, the man behind the booth asked if I was the one who tweeted about my damaged palette and he directed me over to a kind lady who then helped me out with exchanging my palette for a new, undamaged one. I was truly impressed that they even knew about my situation beforehand; they seemed to really care about what had happened and were eager to make it right. So BIG THANKS to the lovely staff of IMATS, Naimie's and of course, Z Palette for making that effort.

Z Palettes are available online (they ship internationally) or at various makeup stores in Canada.

Have you tried the Z Palettes out yet?

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