August 8, 2011

Keep Your Hands Clean & Smelling Lovely With The Body Shop's Hand Cleanse Gels

Clean hands are always in style, but sometimes there are no sinks or random bodies of water to wash your hands with. I love hand sanitizers, but there was always an aspect that I didn't like: Purell dried my hands out too much, President's Choice left a film on my hands, One Step smelled funny...

Thankfully, with The Body Shop's Hand Cleanse Gels, there is no need to concern myself with such things.

From The Body Shop:

Best if you want to: Cleanse hands without rinsing with a hand gel that contains no Triclosan. 

How it works: Rinse-free cleansing, no Triclosan, portable size, scented.

For those of you who don't know what Triclosan is, it's "an antibacterial and antifungal agent" that is commonly found in hand sanitizers and has been said to be harmful to aquatic life. So what's the problem, if it's a rinse-free cleanser? Well, think about it, nobody ever just uses hand sanitizers. Sooner or later, you will wash your hands with water. Now, if you've been using a hand sanitizer that contained Triclosan throughout the day and then decide to wash your hands, the traces of Triclosan that are still on your hands will go down the drain. Because these hand cleanse gels don't contain any Triclosan, they are not harmful to marine life, which is always a plus in my book!

One thing I'm not fond of with regards to this product is the cap. It doesn't close tightly enough for my liking which means I'll dig through my purse and find the lid unsecured. It's a bit annoying, but I find that the sanitizer's gel consistency keeps the product inside unless the bottle is actually squeezed (unlike, Purell, whose more liquid consistency means the product just seeps out). I actually shook the hand cleanse bottles with the top facing downward and no product came out! I love that, but I'd still prefer if the cap stayed closed.

Other wonderful things about these hand sanitizers are their incredible scents (I picked up 2 Mango's, one Pink Grapefruit and one Satsuma), their non-drying formula, and their price: they are $4 a pop but right now, The Body Shop has them on promotion for 4 for $10 CAD. Oh, and going back to the scents, I love that the scent definitely sticks around but it is in no way overpowering. I can be pretty sensitive when it comes to fragrances, but these are not offensive in the least. The Mango scent, especially!

So definitely pick up these gems, especially while they're still on promo! While you're at it (and while they've got an awesome sale going on), pick up some other awesome Body Shop items: their eyeshadows are lovely and I like their Earth Lovers shower gels as well.

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