June 8, 2011

My Summer Scents

Summer's almost here, lovelies!

I'll be honest and say I'm not looking forward to the heat (anything over 18º C is too much for me already =/), but I'm loving the scents I've been gravitating towards lately.

Here are the four that's on regular rotation these last couple of weeks:

Estee Lauder - Pleasures Summer Bouquet

This floral scent is kinda strong, so I have to use it sparingly. It's a bit of a punchy, floral scent that can get a bit cloying so I find spraying it in the air and stepping through does the trick.

D&G - 3 L'Impératrice

J'adore L'imperatrice! The fruity scent just brightens my mood and I love how long-lasting it is! When you've had a 15 hour day and you're feeling a bit grimy, it's nice to know you still smell nice :).

Bath & Body Works - Wild Honeysuckle

This scent sorta reminds me of a flower we used to have in our garden back home in the Philippines. It's a body spray, so it doesn't last long; but every time I catch a whiff, I'm mentally transported back to my childhood.

Burberry - For Women

My first "grown up" perfume, there will always be a special place in my heart for this! I've been using it on and off for many years now and it might just be my staple. I especially love when there's traces of it left in my scarves; the scent is still there but it's a bit "worn out." I don't know why but I love that!

What are your go-to summer scents?

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