June 24, 2011

Clarins Sunscreen Control Cream For Face: Sun Protection Without The Greasy Feel!

I've made mention before of how much I love Neutrogena's Water-Light Sunscreen: it makes my base apply beautifully & evenly, it provides sun protection and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin (hence the name "Water-Light"). However, I noticed that my skin started to get quite oily halfway through the day, something I've never really experienced before with this product.

I tried to narrow down which product was the culprit and finally figured out that it was this sunscreen that was turning my face into an oil slick. So the search was on for a sunscreen that left the skin oil-free. Arianne of The Glitter Geek mentioned that a friend of hers uses the Clarins sunscreen and it doesn't make her skin oily, so I decided to try it out. 

From Clarins: A sun cream for very sun-sensitive skin, or those exposed to intense sun. So your skin only gets the very best of the sun. 

The effectiveness of Clarins Multi-Cellular Protection: the skin's natural defences are reinforced and skin is protected from premature aging. It remains supple and beautiful.

To be honest, I'm not much of a sun worshipper. I could probably get away with SPF 30 since I don't sun myself often. However, the 50+ was the only one available in Sephora and I'd like to think I'm giving my skin the best protection I can give it (without surrounding myself in a space suit).

Unfortunately, it has oxybenzone, which has a lot of negative side effects attached to it. I personally haven't researched this myself, but there has been a lot of talk within the health and beauty community about it. 

That aside, I love it because a little bit of this cream goes a long way, it's easily spreadable and has a pleasant, citrusy scent. The best part is, that it doesn't make my face oily at all, unlike Neutrogena's Water-Light sunscreen. I've been using this sunscreen on my face, neck and chest for a few weeks now and so far, so good!

What sun care product are you using right now?

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