June 16, 2011

Beauty On A Budget: Joe Fresh Cosmetics

I've walked past the Joe Fresh Style section in the cosmetic section of Superstore so many times and it wasn't until I saw Arianne's post about their matte, fuchsia lipstick that I decided to try out their products.

For those who don't know, Joe Fresh is a Canadian brand that started out as a fashion line sold in Superstore, a pretty large grocery chain in Canada. Now, they also have a cosmetics line and have proper stores in various locations throughout Canada (Granville is the closest to my fellow Lower Mainlanders).

I purchased two cream blushes, one cream lipstick and one matte lipstick. The cream blushes retail for $8.00 CAD and the lipsticks retail for $6.00 CAD.


From Joe Fresh: This creamy, blendable cheek colour comes in a gorgeous range of shades that create a natural and healthy glow.



Working with this blush has been so easy, thus far. The texture isn't sticky at all and it dries to a more gel/stain-like finish and doesn't feel tacky to the touch. It lasts a long time, too; at least a full work day (8 hours). 

I purchased Melon and Bloom, two absolutely gorgeous colours! These look beautiful on the lips as well but make sure to apply lip balm after to keep your lips moisturized. 

Left: natural light. Right: With flash


From Joe Fresh: Creamy, moisturizing lip colour keeps lips feeling soft with every use.

Natural light

With flash

This is definitely not something I would normally wear (it's a bit too cool for my colouring), but at $6, I felt that it was worth the risk. It applies smoothly and the creamy formula doesn't dry out my lips. I'm not sure when I would ever use this lipstick (other than for a look I'm photographing) but it was just too much fun to pass up!


From Joe Fresh: Goes on smooth, dries to a matte finish! Create luscious, full lips with colour that lasts for hours.

Natural light

With flash

Now this is definitely more wearable... At least for me! The thing about matte lipsticks is your lips better be in amazing shape; otherwise, all the dry flakes will be visible. I haven't worn this a lot because my lips have been mega dry lately, but this shade is just utterly gorgeous! 

I always had this perception of matte lipsticks being difficult to apply but Poppy glides on so smoothly. It's quite lightweight too, which I totally appreciate. 

I was so pleasantly surprised with the quality of these products. They could easily compete with much more highly priced products within the drugstore cosmetic industry. If you ever come across these products, definitely pick some up. There are around 10 shades in the matte lipstick & cream blush range but the cream lipsticks have a wide variety. 

Have you tried Joe Fresh Cosmetics?

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