November 26, 2012

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Mascate: A Must-Have For Red Lip Aficionados

About a month ago, I had this intense hankering for a red lipstick... But I wasn't looking for any old red lipstick. No, it was a particular red that I was looking for.

I wanted something deep, but not vamp. A dark red that doesn't look too brown and doesn't look too orange. I don't remember if I took to Twitter or if I messaged my fellow Lipstick Bandits on Whatsapp (I have a feeling it might've been the latter); but after various suggestions, my girl Larie mentioned Mascate. One google search later and I knew I found The One.

Off to Sephora I went and my life has not been the same ever since... Incidentally, this lipstick is my official introduction to NARS products and what an introduction it was!

Here's some tidbits about the Pure Matte Lipsticks...

What it is:
An ultra-matte, super rich lipstick with the supple feel of a hydrating lip treatment.

What it does:
This matte lipstick moisturizes and and soothes lips while depositing vivid, dramatic colour onto the lips.

What else you need to know:
The formula includes mango butter at levels known to provide additional comfort and moisture.

Mascate is described by NARS as a Bold Red and it's definitely BOLD! Now while I tend to steer away from anything too dark, I've never been scared of anything bold. Mascate is an attention grabber in every sense. It's exactly the kind of red I was looking for and the matte finish just adds to the drama.

The formula's pretty impressive, as well... It applies smoothly, though not as smoothly as a creamier lipstick with a non-matte finish would, so I find it best to apply with a lip brush. It goes on opaque straight away if you apply straight from the tube, but it does require a few layers to build up to true opacity when using a brush.

I don't have a lot of matte lipsticks since I find them to be drying. But this lipstick is probably the most comfortable matte I've ever worn. That said, my lips are mad dry, so I always have to wear vaseline underneath; so I can't really say exactly how hydrating or moisturizing it is.

This lipstick doesn't have a lot of slip, so it stays put quite well. I once wore it without a lip primer and it stuck around through a meal. Obviously, there was wear around the seam of the mouth, but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed by a quick rub of the lips. However, layered on top of a lip primer (I quite like MAC's Prep + Prime Lip) and this baby really lasts through the night. I mean, if you wanna look sexy, might as well look sexy for the whole night, right? ;)


And that's one word that describes Mascate perfectly -- sexy. Every woman needs this particular shade in their life. Forreal.

Seriously, go buy it...

Sporting Mascate... Recognize the lovely on the right? :)

Are you a fan of the NARS Pure Matte Lipsticks?

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  1. I NEED THIS. It was already on my wish list but this sealed the deal. It looks stunning on you, Dani, and also your review itself has pushed me over the edge. Damn, gurrrl ;)



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