August 8, 2012

Thanking My Lucky Stars For Marcelle BB Cream-To-Powder

You know, I love me some Marcelle BB Cream... My only issue was that it wasn't really suitable for my combination skin. There is no oil control (not that it claims to have any) and I found that I lost some coverage throughout the day, even when I set it with powder. So I decided to just use it on my more low-key days when I still wanted to look polished, but wasn't too concerned about it fading away eventually.

But now, Marcelle has come out with the new BB Cream-to-Powder ($22.95 CAD) and it's everything that I wanted the traditional BB Cream to be!

First, the packaging... This BB Cream-to-Powder comes in a sleek, white compact; it contains a sponge and a sizeable built-in mirror. This compact feels quite sturdy and I really like that the sponge is stored on top of the product, instead of below.

This product comes in two shades, light to medium and medium to dark. Obviously, I purchased light to medium, which is the same shade I have in the original BB Cream. It contains "self-adjusting pigments," which means it's pretty much a perfect match for my skin.

For those of you who are kind of living under a rock ( :p ) and don't know what a BB Cream is, it stands for Blemish Balm and was originally formulated for people who have undergone any medical treatment that would cause skin sensitivity. BB Creams would provide them with enough coverage to even out their skin without causing an irritation, as these products are basically makeup and skincare rolled into one.

Marcelle claims that this BB Cream-to-Powder has "8-in-1" benefits: it evens out skin tone, hydrates, protects, regenerates, controls shine (!!!), soothes, corrects, and brightens. It also has a "photo luminescent diamond core complex" which means... Actually, I don't know what that means. But it sounds awesome, no? :p

To top it off, this product is hypo-allergenic, perfume free, paraben free, oil free, and non-comodogenic. Marcelle, you need to stop being so flippin' awesome! (I lied, don't ever stop)

(L-R: swatched & blended out)

(pre-blush face with some concealing underneath the eyes)

I love how easily this product smoothes onto my skin -- it glides on and blends so effortlessly. It feels really silky and sets to a satin finish. It evens out my skin beautifully while still looking very natural, as if my skin just happens to look that good. I would say this BB Cream-to-Powder has light, but buildable coverage; it layers on nicely, though it does require a bit more blending on my drier areas (around my nose). But the best part is that it stays with me through a full work day. There's definitely some shine coming through as the day goes on, but nowhere near as much as when I wear the original BB Cream. It probably does fade a bit as well, but I honestly haven't noticed. At least not during my workday when I'm more likely to catch my reflection in the mirror. 

As I mentioned before, this Cream-to-Powder compact is exactly what I wished the original BB Cream was; i.e. everything the original product already was, but with added oil control action. Ahh, I love! <3

Are you a fan of BB Creams?

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  1. Sounds like something I need - the original Marcelle BB cream with oil control! I like BB creams over foundation. I've tried Missha perfect cover, Skin79 hot pink, Skin79 gold, Skin79 orange, Lioele beyond the solution, Lioele triple the solution, Lioele water drop, Maybelline, and Marcelle original. Yeah that's quite a few haha



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