August 17, 2012

Marcelle's Waterproof Liquid DIP-PEN Eyeliner Sticks Around

Eyeliner is such a big part of my everyday makeup routine; I wear eyeliner nearly every day, I think. Now, while I do enjoy using cream or gel liners, I'd still prefer wearing liquid as I find that it tends to last longer even without using primers.

The last liquid eyeliner that impressed me was Eyeko's Graffiti Eyeliner Pen, but it's only available to Canadians through Eyeko's online store and I wanted something that was more readily available to me. Enter Marcelle's new Waterproof Liquid DIP-PEN Eyeliner 10H+.

Blackest Black and Purple

I purchased Blackest Black and Purple, though it's also available in True Brown and Navy (I plan on purchasing the latter as well). Blackest Black is a matte black while Purple has a bit of shimmer running through.

The DIP-PEN is quite easy to work with, though I find that Purple is more liquid-y and has more slip -- possibly because of the shimmer? Regardless, they both apply effortlessly.

When I first started using this eyeliner, there was some very minor irritation. BUT, I definitely think it's due to the fact that I haven't used a liquid liner in so long. I had to adjust to using a felt-tip applicator again, but I experience absolutely no irritation now.

Blackest Black


The DIP-PEN Eyeliner lasts the entire day on me, which is what makes this eyeliner really impressive. I did dissolve a bit when I cried (I get emotional, kay?!) and saw some streaks down my face, but it was fairly minimal. Other than that, it just doesn't budge; not even on the hottest day we've had in Vancouver so far.

This eyeliner is definitely a winner for me. At $13.99 CAD, it is very reasonably priced, and while I may still be intrigued enough to purchase a similar product by a higher end brand, I could see myself purchasing this over and over again. Precisely because it's inexpensive.

What's your favourite liquid liner?

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