August 6, 2012

Lipstick Bandits: Summer Sheers Make Me Feel Fine...

The Lipstick Bandits are back and this time, we're talking about sheer lippies!

Now, I've said it before on this blog - so much so that I probably sound like a broken record :p - but sheers aren't really my thing. That said, there are some sheer lipsticks that have caught my eye in the past year; but for this post, I thought I would resurrect a product that I reviewed at the beginning of June. The product in question? Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in En Vogue.

One of the things I love about this lipstick is that despite its sheerness, it's still pigmented enough that the colour shows up on my lips. And what a lovely colour it is! En Vogue is described as a "bright coral," but since it's a sheer formula, it won't frighten anyone who's scared of bright, vivid shades. There's also some slight shimmer shot through, which gives my lips such a pretty, glossy finish. 

(my face was not cooperating with me so you get this lame, cop-out of a full face shot)
(also went overboard with the blush... if there was an MUA card, mine would be revoked)
(Rae-Rae, I know you're gonna want to photoshop the shiz out of this :p)

Anyhoo... Although I love me some En Vogue, I can't say I'm fully on board the Sheer Train. Here's why: My lips are fairly pigmented, but there are some days where they're more pink and others where they're more neutral. When I took the full face shot yesterday, my lips were more pink, so the coral-y goodness wasn't as evident as it was on the day I took the lip swatch photo. 

Still, En Vogue is one of those lipsticks that is easy to wear ; you don't have to think too much about it, just slap it on and BOOM -- prettified. Such is the nature of sheer lipsticks, I suppose! :)

So now we come to my favourite part: checking out the other Lipstick Bandits' Summer Sheer picks! We're missing the beautiful Jenny of My Funny Valentine, but show her some love anyway and be sure to go check out each Bandit's post. I'm sure you will love what they're going to feature -- I know I always do!

What's your favourite sheer lipstick?

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