July 16, 2012

NEW From MAC's Heavenly Creature's Collection

I haven't really been paying attention to MAC collections this season, to be honest. But when I stopped by my local MAC store last week, I figured it wouldn't hurt to swatch a few products from the Heavenly Creature's collection. Lo and behold, there were two products that caught my eye: a Cremesheen Glass in the shade Galaxy Rose and a lipstick in the shade Cut a Caper.

Galaxy Rose is described as a "mid-tone violet pink," a shade that's not really present in my stash (at least in the form of a gloss). I really fell in love with the colour; the depth of the shade gives it a more sophisticated, but still feminine look - as opposed to the girlier look that lighter, softer pinks tend to have (which I still love!).

As a gloss, it doesn't last very long on my lips; not that I expected it to. But it does fade in a very natural and subtle way. There's also some tackiness, though it's definitely not the stickiest lipgloss I've ever tried. All in all, a typical MAC formula...

MAC Cremesheen Glasses are $22.50 CAD.

Cut a Caper, which is a repromote from MAC's A Tartan Tale Collection, is also a product that I chose to purchase because I didn't have anything quite like it. Described as a "mid-tone peach pink," it's a shade that I would call a softer, more pastel version of coral. All of my peach/coral/orange shades are fairly vibrant, so I really like that Cut a Caper is more understated. Perfect for when I want to wear something on the bright side but don't want to make that bold a statement.

It's your standard lustre lipstick from MAC -- same formula, same texture, same scent. Though I did find that this lipstick didn't last quite as long as other MAC lipsticks I own. 

MAC Lipsticks are $17.50 CAD.

Galaxy Rose

Cut a Caper

Both shades are just utterly gorgeous! 

I'm particularly enjoying Cut a Caper at the moment, as I've now got a shade that I can wear with some of my less used blushes (Immortal Flower, namely) that is still quite appropriate for daytime or more conservative functions. 

Galaxy Rose, what can I say? It's just so beautiful -- feminine and chic, without looking too precious. I need more shades like this in my life!

Have a fantastic week, lovelies!

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