May 4, 2012

NEW Fragances From Givenchy and Fendi - Perfect For Summer!

(Sneaky stippling brush photobombing my shot! >.<)

Ahh, Summer!

When I think of Summer, I think of a yellow haze from the sun, a cool breeze, driving with the top down, flowy dresses, et cetera, et cetera...

But the reality of Summer for me is sweat, feeling gross and overheated, getting blinded by the sun (because I don't have prescription sunglasses), uncomfortable or unflattering shorts, et cetera, et cetera... Oh, and I don't own a convertible, either.

That said... I may not be able to do anything about such things, but with these new fragrances from Givenchy and Fendi, I can at least guarantee that I'll smell better!

Fan di Fendi by Fendi

Fan di Fendi is the new fragrance created by Delphine Lebeau-Krowiak and François Demachy with top notes of pear green tea accord, blackurrant, calabrian tangerine, and lemon petit grain; heart notes of jasmine, tuberose, and rose; and finally, base notes of patchouli and leather.

First of all, the bottle. The bottle. It's simple, sophisticated, slightly architectural, and looks fabulous on the vanity. I love it!

Now on to the important part, the scent. Fan di Fendi definitely comes across as fruity at first, but the longer you wear it, the more the floral notes come through. I would definitely describe it as more of a nighttime scent, something to wear while out on the town with girlfriends (or your significant other, if you please). If I want to visualize this scent, I see leather, sequins, a dark smoky eye, and messy hair.

Fan di Fendi is also what I like to call, a "sharp" scent. Sometimes, when I smell a certain fragrance, the scent hits my nose in a particular spot (perhaps the sinuses?) and creates a slightly uncomfortable sensation. In some cases, this results in a headache or dizziness. In Fan di Fendi's case, it doesn't get quite that bad, but it definitely smells sharp to me. Though the good thing is, the scent rounds out throughout the day and takes on a muskier depth, which I love.

Unfortunately, this fragrance becomes undetectable on me by around 4 hours. Still a good amount of time, but I still wish it would stick around longer. That said, there have been times when I can no longer smell my perfume and yet people have mentioned that I smell good. So perhaps despite the fact that I can't smell it, others still can.

Fan Di Fendi is now available at The Bay and will be available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora stores by May 6th. It retails for $77 CAD for 50mL and $92 CAD for 75mL.

Very Irrésistible Givenchy Electric Rose 

First of all, how awesome is the name Givenchy? It just sounds über sophisticated and glamorous, no? I feel so much chicer just saying it! Givenchy, Givenchy, Givenchy...


About Electric Rose - it is a new twist to Givenchy's Very Irrésistible range and I love it! It has top notes of lemon zest, blueberry, and a basil-verbena twist; heart notes of anise rose and tender green violet, and base notes of cedar wood and musk. It's a fresh, floral scent that never feel sharp and is very comfortable to smell straight out of the bottle. It's feminine, but not cloying, and it has a bit of a powdery scent that makes it very soft and light. I really love wearing Electric Rose in the daytime and the scent brings to mind images of eyelet, lace, a high bun, and hot pink lips.

I'm not a big fan of the bottle, though. To be honest, the rose detailing reminds me slightly of something I would find on an Ed Hardy shirt. But I do love the white, silver, and pink colour palette. Oh! There's also a kickass music video that goes along with the Electric Rose campaign. Check it out:

Liv Tyler will forever be one of the coolest women in Hollywood.

It's funny how the styling and imagery in this video is completely opposite of what I visualize when I smell Electric Rose. It just goes to show you how we all, in our uniqueness, can interpret things so differently from one another.

Electric Rose is definitely my favourite scent of the two.

Very Irrésistible Givenchy Electric Rose is now available at The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Sephora. It retails for $68 CAD for 50mL and $80 CAD for 75mL.

What fragrances do you love for Summer?

*Disclaimer: This product was a PR sample sent for review consideration. 

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