January 25, 2012

New Blush Obsessions!

You guys, I think I may turn into a blush fiend, this year...

I'm always looking for and at blushes nowadays. I'm trying desperately not to get sucked in, as I have plans in the next 11 months that cost money and so far, I've been successful. Just barely, though.

So I've acquired two new blushes since Christmas and in my defence: 
  • It's only 2!
  • It was Christmas!
  • I haven't gotten any blushers since then!

Huzzah and all that jazz...

Oh and another thing, these were just too gorgeous to pass up!

MAC Blush Ombré in Azalea Blossom

I'm not a stranger to Blush Ombré's... I purchased Vintage Grape, which was repromoted in the Daphne Guinness collection, sometime last year. I've since forgotten which collection it was though; who can keep up, nowadays? :p

Anyhoo, when I saw Azalea Blossom, I knew I had to have it. I've been wanting a cool-toned pink blush for a while now and when I saw that this blush looks good on warm-toned skin, well... *grabby hands*

I love that you have 3 options with this blush. Also, don't let the swatch fool you! It totally wears differently and looks lovely on my skin (I have yellow undertones).

One thing I noticed though, is that there's a thin film that sits on top of the product that made it hard for me to pick up much colour from the pan. I thought that perhaps it was just my particular blush, but I went into  2 other MAC stores and their testers were the same. So I took the edge of the cardboard packaging and gently scraped the top off a bit and this helped a lot! You all know I'm not really a fan of sheer so scraping the top off allowed me to pick up more product with my brush.

MAC Mineralize Blush in Subtle Breeze

So, so pretty!

At first, I wasn't too keen on MAC's Naturally collection; I thought it was just going to be all nudes and browns and other boring colours. I was wrong, of course. Naturally had a lot of gorgeous shades, but Subtle Breeze is the one that really caught my eye.

It's such a wearable shade that I think could possible look good on just about anybody. The texture is so soft, applies smoothly and is super blendable. Subtle Breeze gives you such a natural flush (heh... Get it? Natural? K, stopping now...) and I love that I can wear a wider shade range of lip products with it.

The only thing I'm not so happy about is the wear time. I find that this blush (like the Warmth of Coral Mineralize Blush) doesn't really stick around for longer than 3-4 hours. Although I do find that if I apply Subtle Breeze pretty much right after I apply foundation, when it hasn't completely sunk into the skin yet, it lasts a little bit longer.

These two have been in rotation ever since I got them in December and I've been loving them! Now I'm looking into getting some NARS blushes, but I haven't decided yet which ones I want to get. See, I told you... Turning into a blush fiend.

What's your go-to blusher at the moment?

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