October 3, 2011

I've Never Felt This Way About Nail Polish Before...

I'm not really that into nail polish. My love for it goes in phases, you see. I'll want to paint my nails every week for months, then I'll see what horrid shape my nails are in and then I forgo nail polish for a few months to grow them out. I typically use nail polish a few times and promptly forget about it...

Not so with this one. For the first time ever, I found myself considering purchasing a backup. I mean, can you blame me? Just look at it!

First of all, I've been aching for Facets of Fuchsia ever since I saw it on Makeup Savvy. I may or may not have gone to drugstores nearly every day checking to see if it was in stock and I may or may not have gasped and walked at a brisk pace towards the display when it finally was. No confession here...

It takes a lot of coats to get opacity (I think I did 4 or 5), but do I care? Nope! Coz it's soooo gorgeous *insert-pitiful-sigh-here*. I have bought a black nail polish to layer under it, though (I got the idea from Larie); so that should help a lot. It has a bumpy texture due to the glitter so I applied a top coat to "seal it in" so to speak.

I'm not normally into glitter nail polishes but the mixture of the bigger chunks and the smaller pieces looks much more interesting than your normal glitter. Fuchsia on black is pretty sexy, too. I love!

What are your favourite glitter nail polishes?

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  1. wooow i like it as well! tomorrow will get it!
    thank you for sharing xxx



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