February 24, 2011

Style Crush - Clémence Poésy (And A Bit Of A Hiatus)

Now here is a woman who surprised me. Clémence always struck me as a total girly-girl (probably because I've only ever seen her as Fleur Delacour :p) but she really rocks more masculine looks; typically skinny jeans, a flowy tank, a jacket, and a pair of biker boots.

Whether channeling a more masculine or feminine vibe, Clémence always looks fabulous. I especially love how tousled her hair always looks. It's something I try to achieve, but my hair is too thick.

In Other News
As I've mentioned in previous posts (I think :p), the fam is currently in the process of moving house. And what a process it is! I'm so over it and we're not even done. But thankfully, we'll be in the new house tomorrow. However, our internet won't be connected until early March, which means no blogging for me. I want to thank my faithful readers for being so patient with me throughout these past few months as I've been super busy with many things and haven't been able to give Call It Beauty the attention I would like to give it. Hopefully it won't be much longer until I can resume all the posts I've prepared beforehand. 

Anyway, hope you're all well and a big HELLO! to all the new followers :).

Have an awesome day, lovelies!

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