March 4, 2013

Giving My Tresses Some TLC with These Organix Hair Oils

I'll be the first to admit that I don't really do much in terms of taking care of my hair. I wash and style/blow dry it nearly every day and apart from your regular shampoo/conditioner and various other styling products, I don't use anything else on my hair.

So when I came across these two hair oils by Organix (a brand I've been a fan of for some time), I was intrigued enough to make a purchase...

First up is the Macadamia Dry Styling Oil!

My day-to-day hair routine involves some sort of "beach spray" (I'm currently using this one from Marc Anthony), a whole lot of scrunching, and blow-drying with a diffuser. Now, my hair is generally pretty fluffy/frizzy, even when I let my hair air dry, and I generally rely on finishing products to make my hair look less fluffy/frizzy. So I thought I'd try the Dry Styling Oil to see how it would fare in that department...

Is it life-changing? Nope, can't say that it is. But, it definitely lessens the frizziness noticeably. I think the reason it doesn't work as well as I had hoped is because I need to smooth it through my hair before styling, which removes any natural curl that my hair gains while wrapped in a towel. So I find myself scrunching my hair even more just to get some of that curl back, which (I think, anyway) is what creates more frizz.

That said, what I do love about this product is that it makes my hair look shiny and healthy. It also makes my hair much softer. Beach sprays tend to make my hair kinda "crispy", for lack of a better word. So I really love that this dry styling oil allows me to style my hair while still keeping my hair soft.

Next up: the Moroccan Argan Oil.

I use this on those "pampering days", days when I want to add a little something extra to the routine. I typically apply this after a nighttime shower because I don't like that much hydration during the day as I find that it weighs down my hair too much (I like my hair big! :p).

It's a bit too hydrating for every day use (curse you, oily roots!); but like the Dry Styling Oil, this Penetrating Oil makes my hair super soft and silky. Anyway, that doesn't bother me, as I actually like to have products that can only be used every now and again. It kind of makes it a bit of an event -- a little something special to treat myself to.

Oh, and I must mention how lovely they both smell! The Macadamia Dry Styling Oil has a sweeter scent, but both are just yummy! Both have the kind of scent that stays out of the way -- you can smell it, but it doesn't assault your senses.

Both also work really well as finishing oils -- they eliminate more frizz this way, though my hair looks just as shiny whether I use it before or after styling. What was pleasantly surprising, though, was that it made my hair just as soft when using as a finishing product. No more crunchy hair for me!

One thing to keep in mind is that this does weigh my hair down a bit (I have thick, coarse, wavy/curly hair). It doesn't make my hair flat, by any means (that would be unacceptable -- I like my hair big!), but it does make it less fluffy. Oh, and after about a week of use, I decided not to use it before or after styling, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my hair looked shinier than it normally does. I'd like to believe it's because of these products (priced at $9.99 each -- very affordable!)... After all, they're the only new products in my haircare regimen...

Are there any hair oils included in your styling routine?

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