November 25, 2010

Winter Staple: Lush - Sympathy for the Skin Body Lotion

The temperature has dropped to below 0 Celsius here in Vancouver, something that doesn't happen often. That means the heater's always on and I'm always using borderline hot water for my baths/showers. 

Now my skin isn't normally dry. In fact, I can go through a typical Vancouver winter without having to use body creams or lotions. But this winter is going to be anything but typical, and I find myself needing to moisturize much more than I usually do. 

Sympathy for the Skin is my absolute favourite Lush body product. It moisturizes perfectly; sinking into my skin enough that it doesn't feel tacky but still leaving a bit of moisture at the surface so I don't feel like I need to apply more. Not that I mind the tacky feeling, I quite like it. But if I'm in not in the mood to sit around waiting for my skin to dry, then I reach for this product.

On top of it's amazing moisturizing abilities, it also smells absolutely delicious! It contains real bananas and vanilla pods, but it smells mostly like vanilla. I can seriously just sniff myself all day, it smells so good... That sounds weird...

If you plan  on purchasing it, keep in mind that it does have an expiration date. However, it's good for about a year so it shouldn't be a problem since there's only 240g of product in the pot. Which reminds me; mine expires in January so I really should use mine up. Not much more to go, by the looks of it!

What's your favourite body cream / lotion?

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